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Dear Students,

We heartly congratulates those who has been selected and those who are preparing for the next competitive exams.

we have worked hard and focused towards providing quality education that taps the creative potential in every individual. We promises to provide our students with all the skills and knowledge required to grow and succeed.

I invite you to read through and discover what we have to offer and how we can unleash the hidden creative talents and showcase them to the world.

We are committed to your success and we walk this journey alongside you. I am proud of you for your continued commitment to achieving your dreams and for your role in making SABDHANI COACHING INSTITUTE the premier place for Building Minds and Building Futures.


Since childhood we have a duel within us that we are not at par with toppers, who are always ahead in every race. Why god has not made us intelligent like them ? from that moment itself we start losing our self confidence . but we forget that we are also a creation of that same god, and must possess some special & unique quality.

Today , we & our society assess the ability of any child through his mark sheet due to which we are putting undue pressure on our children unknowingly. Therefore, parents & students should never teach a student that an exemplary mark sheet is an achievement. Many times students take some wrong steps due to this increasing pressure .

It is not necessary that we get success in first attempt & when it happens children lose their moral. And this is the time that should be taken care by parents , so that positive & continuous communication can prevail between them.

Dedication plays an important role in success. Think thousands times before taking any decision, but once taken, then make it completely. And it is possible only when we give our hundred percent dedication to it. As it is said –

“ to be a sun, first burn like a sun.”